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Gaia Online

Illustrations and pixel artwork for Gaia Online.

Kylie diorio g teamchibis

G-Team illo for Gaia Online, a smaller version of a Chance Item. These illustrations where based around a winning user's Avatar, with 2 variations, Normal (start), losing and winning!

Kylie diorio 3

Illustrations for Gaia Online's Chance Item. Taking popular pets and humanizing them into human characters

Kylie diorio comicevent

Comic page for a winter event at Gaia Online.

Kylie diorio fox

Illustration for Gaia Online's Chance item. RPG character trope: Dashing swordsman, with a different fantasy race

Kylie diorio fails001

Fail illustrations for Gaia Online's Chance item dealing with RPG character tropes.

Kylie diorio fails002

Fail illustrations with Gaia Online's character Sandman. With hilariously written events leading to her failure.

Kylie diorio sets 17 938

A small portion of the outfit designs I have worked on at GaiaOnline.