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Personal art and projects.

Kylie diorio kitty

Fanart for the gamer Mort3mer from Kitty Kat Gaming.

Kylie diorio alicefalls

Alice in wonderland

Kylie diorio 2016 02 quinn small

Commission illustration of League of Legends character Quinn in one of her Alt outfits.

Kylie diorio 2016 02 sam commission small copy

Commission illustration of a personal character from FINAL FANTASY XIV

Kylie diorio 2016 02 cody commission small

Commission Illustration for an Indie Game's character.

Kylie diorio tumblr mu8h3apwoo1qf9qnko1 1280

Dragon Queen

Kylie diorio tumblr nviev8pqs51qf9qnko1 540

Lonely Hearts Club

Kylie diorio tumblr ncerkpfg3u1qf9qnko1 1280


Kylie diorio tumblr ncerkpfg3u1qf9qnko2 1280

Witch with a skeleton Cat

Kylie diorio pink
Kylie diorio sam

Woman samurai

Kylie diorio ninetails
Kylie diorio dumbpets1

Friend's pets Lock and Puck

Kylie diorio dumbpets2

Friend's pets Lock and Puck (2)