Kylie diorio 2014 04 gravitypoke
Gravity falls x Pokemon, two of my favorite fandoms rolled into one.
Kylie diorio thorn
Guild Wars2 Illustration
Kylie diorio ookami
Ookami was a beautiful game and I love the art direction they decided to take with it.
Kylie diorio toothless
I love How to Train Your Dragon and I also really love Calvin and Hobbles as well! It was fun combining the style with the character, although they surprisingly have fairly similar shapes.
Kylie diorio pokefish
Everyone remembers Pokemon Red and Blue, the infamous starters to the franchise that carried my generation.
Kylie diorio ghibli
Studio Ghibli has been a huge inspiration to me and many other artists I know. So I complied an illustration of nearly all the little mascots in the movies.

I feel every artist likes to draw what they enjoy and I am no exception from this. Various fanwork from shows and games.

These are purely for the enjoyment as a fan.